Hey David, what is your biggest secret??
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when i was little i tried to flush my hand down the toilet

Can you please play some baseball with fluffy, or at least hug him for me? c:
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no thank you

What would you do if D had to live with you in your apartment?
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And The Sandman confirmed everything for me.

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bringin sexy back

may it be a good one !!

stocking up on beer for new years eve yeehaaa i love this holiday


Quite late for Christmas, but this is the last one of the The Crooked Man Christmas set ;)

David : Duke, have we finished all of the houses yet?
Duke : That one we haven’t visited yet. Let’s go David.
never deliver presents to rin’s house.


D and Sissy Merry Christmas from The Crooked Man game.
I just notice they’re both red hair. (I don’t ship them, though ^ ^;)